Our pro shop offers new bowling equipment for sale, as well as ball fitting/drilling and Jayhawk Detox services.  Equipment pricing varies, depending on the type and brand of bowling ball/bag/shoe.

Several bowling balls, ball bags and shoes are kept in stock; and if we do not have what you want on hand, we are happy to order something for you.  We also keep various bowling necessities such as gloves, shoe covers, rosin, and other items on hand.  These items can be purchased during all Mountain Run hours of operation - please ask for the manager on duty and (s)he will assist you.

In-stock bowling shoes on sale now at HALF PRICE!

Shawn is on staff to assist with your ball drilling needs.
He currently is available in the shop as follows:

                        Mondays:                   2 pm to 10 pm

                   Tuesdays:                    Noon to 5 pm

                   Wednesdays:              Noon to 4 pm

                   Fridays:                      4 pm to 10 pm

                   Saturdays:                  Noon to 7 pm