We have a full-service pro shop which is staffed by our house pro, 
Rich Wolfe, who offers many years of experience in various aspects of bowling, specifically in ball drilling and fitting.  Rich is also a PBA Professional who competed on tour for twenty years.  He is a member of the Hall of Fame in Northern Virginia, and won the Steve Nagy Sportsmanship award while he was competing at the professional level. You can still see Rich bowling on ESPN re-runs, and also on the internet.

We have many things to offer in our Pro Shop!  While equipment pricing varies depending on the type and brand of ball or shoes, we do have set pricing for labor.

Ball fitting and drilling appointments may be scheduled with Rich - please call the center at 540-825-BOWL (540-825-2695).

Ball Drilling: 

  • Outside Drill: $45.00 (This would be applicable if you purchased a ball elsewhere that needed to be drilled)
  • Conventional Drill: $30.00

Please keep in mind that all bowling balls purchased in our shop include fitting and drilling in the price, as well as a free game of bowling (shoe rental not included).

Finger and Thumb Inserts:

  • Single Finger Insert: $5.00
  • Double Finger Insert: $10.00
  • Thumb Solid: $17.00

Ball Plugging:

  • Half Plug: (Both finger holes OR thumb hole) $25.00
  • Full Plug: (Both finger holes AND thumb hole) $40.00

IT (Interchangeble Thumb) Thumb Holes: 

  • Complete IT System (Ball hookup and one insert) $40.00
  • IT Ball Hookup (Per ball price to give you interchangeable thumbs): $25.00
  • IT Insert (Thumb insert drilled to size, per insert): $28.00