-- our own version of "Chuck-E-Cheese"!


We have many different games that appeal to all ages!  Games are switched out freqently by our game provider switches games out frequently, so you never really know what new games we will have.
Our new PHOTO BOOTH can help commemorate your fun at Mountain Run, too!!          

Additionally, our recently-installed EMBED system has made us more "environmentally friendly"!   This system also has other benefits:

        -  You can use credit/debit cards OR cash to pay for game play

        - No more lugging around tokens or tickets
        - No more waiting in line for the "ticket eater"!

The EMBED system uses cards that keep track of your available game play and earnings towards prizes on games that have redemption value.   Simply come in and create a card at our user-friendly kiosk and play, play, play!  Keep your card and come back any time; and save up your earnings for bigger prizes!                                                    (There is a $1 activation fee for each new/replacement card)      

While we no longer accept/use tokens, we will always honor printed receipts from our ticket eater, so do not worry if you have been saving them up - we can also add them to the total on your card!