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At Mountain Run Bowling Center, 
we are very proud of all of our bowlers!

We are especially pleased to honor the bowlers listed below, who all have shot at least one perfect game here at our center, making
them members of our "300 Club".  Practice, practice, practice so you can join the club, too - and get your gold 300 Club shirt!

300club members

Most of the inaugural members of our 300 Club are shown above

Congratulations to ALL of our 300 bowlers ! 


  Rich Wolfe (Prior staff) Thad Rand Eddie Tolson
  Mike Manolis John Lawson Joe Martin
  Rod Osborne Nathaniel Patterson Shawn Jones
  Richie Holmes Tommy Jenkins Scott Kim
  Sterling Edwards Skipper Jeffries Richard Durrer
  Scooter Samuel Mike McFetridge Richard Holmes, Sr.
  James Currier Bob Haynes, Jr. Ryan Pawlik
  Brett Mills Nick Swett Frank Moore
  Steve Foushee Justin James Billy Jenkins
  Choeun To Brian Viele Eric Buncie
  Joe Beatty Phil Samuel (Prior staff) Delly Payne (MRBC staff)
  Wayne Gibson Jake "Tank" Kerns (Youth Lg.) David Wager
  Ron Trombley Sean Eick J R Carter
  Gene Pawlik Tim Figgins John Sedam
  Billy Cunningham Bryan Gallahan Jim Wolfe
  Rick Coulson Jeff Abt Bruce White
  Kennith Stewardson Darryl Roberson Randy Jenkins
  David DeBat Connor McEwen (MRBC staff) Michelle Fox (Tourn.Dir.)

Gino Binkert


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