Upcoming events are events that we have scheduled in advance.  While we do not generally accept lane reservations, we do schedule group bowling events for companies, schools, et cetera.  (PRE-SCHEDULED / RESERVED birthday party packages and other pre-scheduled events always get reserved lanes) 

This page will be updated as necessary, but will not be able to show exactly how many lanes we will have on any particular day or time, as other events such as scheduled parties or leagues may be going on.  It is a good idea to call before you come in, especially during the busier fall/winter season (November through March), so we can give you our best estimate as to lane availability based on our current business and schedule. 

Along with scheduled parties and group events, we have leagues that bowl at various times - mainly weeknights (Mon.-Thurs.).  Lane availability on league nights is noted on our Home page and on our Leagues page.  Please check these as well. 



Want to book a group or company event?
Call us at 825-2695 for information!

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation, and hope this
information helps you visit us at a time that works best for you!