Whatever fun you're looking for: Bowling, Billiards, Dining or Arcade, it is a good idea to check our UPCOMING EVENTS page (under PARTIES and EVENTS) to see if anything is going on that could impact your visit.


We are in need of senior league bowlers (age 55+).  They bowl on Mondays at 1:20 pm - come by to join!


Bowling,  Dining,  Billiards,  Party Rooms,
Ticket Redemption Arcade, Full Service Pro Shop

We also host Pokemon League (Wed. 5-8)
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Bring the kids by to play with them - they help them bowl!

Events/Tournaments (See pages for more info.-if applicable)


Current Leagues

Even if we have no open lanes, our arcade, snack bar and billiards are always available - unless someone has booked the entire facility.  In addition to having open lanes all weekend (Fri. - Sun.), we also have a few open lanes on Tuesday evenings, so COME ON IN AND BOWL!

*We have no open lanes on Monday, Wednesday or Thursday evenings after 5:30 pm, and
 Lane availability on Tuesdays after 5 pm is limited - please call ahead.