Whatever kind of fun you're looking for: Bowling, Billiards, Dining or Arcade, it is a good idea to check our UPCOMING EVENTS page (under PARTIES and EVENTS) to see if anything is going on that could impact your visit.


CENTER UPGRADE: NEW BES-X SCORING and Center Punch PIT LIGHT EFFECTS! See New Upgrades page for details!

Come see how our new BES-X scoring system and L.E.D. CENTER PUNCH lighting effects can enhance your bowling experience!  YOU TOONS allows YOU to be in the animations on the lanes; we also have new skill-based games, and there is even an on-screen tutor that teaches you all about scoring and includes some cool bowling-related trivia!  Ask our friendly front desk staff about what's new!




Bowling,  Dining,  Billiards,  Party Rooms,
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We also host Pokemon League (Wed. 5-8)
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They help kids have more fun bowling!

And...remember that kids can bowl FREE every summer at Mountain Run!  Call or visit center for details.  League play supercedes open play lanes at all times.  Please call ahead for lane availability Monday through Thursday evenings.
*** On Sunday, March 18, we will be hosting the annual Piedmont Association tournament.  We should have open lanes but may be a bit limited until after 5 or 6 pm.  Please call ahead to check lane status. ***

REMINDERS:  Thrifty Thursdays ($2 games and $2 shoe rentals after 4:30 pm) start on March 22, and run through April 26.  ALSO, our annual Friday Summer Tournament Series will begin on May 4!

We will have no open lanes Mon. April 9 - Fri. April 13 until after 3:30 pm
We will have no open lanes Tues. April 24 - Fri. April 27 until after 3:30 pm

Events/Tournaments (See pages for more info.-if applicable)

*** On Sunday, March 18, we will be hosting the annual Piedmont Association doubles & singles tournament.  Wewill have open lanes but may be a bit limited. Please call ahead to check lane status. ***

CALL IN TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT and JOIN US for BOOT CAMP on Sunday, March 25, at 5 pm!  See flyer on the UPCOMING EVENTS page (Parties & Events, Upcoming Events) for complete info.  Call Rich at 825-BOWL if you have questions.

Current Leagues/Lane Availability Info.

Currently, we typically have at least some open lanes EVERY DAY from open to close, with the exception of Monday evenings, when we need all lanes cleared by 5:30/6:00 for league play.  Lane availability will be a bit limited on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings after 5:30/6:00 as well due to leagues.  **SPRING/SUMMER LEAGUE info is posted at the center and on our Upcoming Leagues page.**
This information is subject to change with special events, tournaments, etc., and exceptions are posted when possible.

Even if our lanes are full, our arcade, snack bar and billiards tables are always available (unless a special event is taking place), so COME HAVE SOME GREAT FOOD and FUN WITH US!